AgeX goes public on NYSE and share price immediately doubles.

AgeX goes public on NYSE and share price immediately doubles. Congrats Aubrey de Grey, Michael West AgeX Therapeutics, Inc., a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc, applying technology relating to cellular immortality and regenerative biology.

A growing sum of company and investment capital is making its way into the study of aging with the aim not only of extending healthspan – but also of studying the link between the processes of aging with a view to halting the onset of and the many diseases which afflict old age to include Alzheimer’s, heart disease and chronic diseases such as diabetes. What lies ahead could be a future in which aging could be viewed as just another disease to be ‘cured’, resulting in a less crippling and costly burden from age-related drug development and for care within the healthcare system. How far along are we in better understanding aging, and when might we see the testing and potential approval of anti-aging drugs in humans? What are the practical and philosophical challenges which need to be addressed before the development of anti-aging drugs arrives in earnest?


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